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Drylab Media Tech Expands Global Reach with Strategic Partnership in India

Celia Li

10 Apr 2024

Strategic Partnership in India

(London, UK; 10 April 2024) Drylab Media Tech (“Drylab”), a leading film and TV production SaaS platform, is pleased to announce its new and additional distribution partnership in India. This strategic collaboration with Europa Media & Entertainment, a dynamic entertainment and media firm based in Mumbai, further expands Drylab's global footprint.

Europa Media & Entertainment is a Mumbai-based entertainment and media company. They specialize in Film Tourism, Locations & Services, Celebrity Influencers, Events & Entertainment, and Media Tech. With their flagship IP - IIFTC Conclave, they have become a market leader in film tourism in India since 2013. They actively work with over 200 international clients from 50 countries to promote global film locations and services in India. Europa Media and Entertainment is the perfect partner to introduce Drylab's advanced technologies to India's thriving film industry.

Harshad Bhagwat is the Director of Europa Media and Entertainment. With over 20 years of experience in the Marketing, Entertainment, and Media industry, he is best known as the promoter of IIFTC Conclave, India's largest film tourism initiative. He is also the editor of CinePort magazine and the founder of Mercury Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd, a holding company with diverse business interests.

John Mahtani, CEO of Drylab Media Tech, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Europa Media & Entertainment into our growing family of global partners. Their extensive knowledge and established presence in the industry complement our mission to transform the film and TV production sector. Working together, we aim to establish new standards in efficiency and innovation, reaffirming our dedication to supporting filmmakers worldwide."

Harshad Bhagwat, Director of Europa Media and Entertainment, commented: “We are excited to partner with Drylab Media Tech, which promises to revolutionise production management with its next generation On-Set Production Tool and Dailies Distribution Platform. India being one of the largest producers of filmed and television content in the world holds a tremendous potential for this production SaaS platform which will save time and money for the producers by bringing in efficiency through technology in day-to-day production management."


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About Drylab

Drylab is a next-generation on-set production tool and dailies distribution platform, utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance the production process from script to screen. The powerful metadata engine enables efficient, accurate and effective retrieval of captured media both on-set, at the office and in remote locations. Developed by filmmakers for filmmakers. Further information is available at

About Europa Media and Entertainment

Europa Media & Entertainment is a new age entertainment and media company based in Mumbai, India focussing on businesses such as Film Tourism, Locations & Services, Celebrity Influencers, Events & Entertainment, and Media Tech. A market leader in the domain of film tourism, Europa M&E is known for its award-winning flagship IP - IIFTC Conclave, which is India’s largest and most successful film locations show, since 2013. The company is also the publisher of CinePort magazine - India’s only film locations guide, which is distributed to Top 500 production houses from Bollywood and regional language film industries in India. Usings its multiple online and offline platforms, Europa M&E actively works with over 200 international clients including film commissions, tourism offices and production service providers from over 50 countries around the world to promote global film locations and services in India.

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