For Directors

We in Drylab are filmmakers too, and we know the need to have everything within reach, whether you are filming or picking out shots for the editing studio — whether you are on-set or traveling.

Drylab Viewer is designed with one priority in mind: To assist directors in their endless creative quest to make their best next movie.

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Script Supervisors

They are the directors’ perfect recall personified: The people in charge of knowing. Script Supervisors should be able to spend as little time as possible worrying about written reports, and as much time as possible on helping the director in the creative process. 


The Script Supervisors who have worked with Drylab Viewer, never want to go back to paper.

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It takes me just seconds to find the references I need for costume, make up or dialogue. I will never go back to paper

— Aslaug Konradsdottir
Script Supervisor
The Hurt Locker


No movie gets anywhere without a competent DIT. The DITs using Drylab appreciate our workflow integration with industry standards such as Pomfort’s Silverstack, simple and non-distracting background operation, and distribution that works both with and without an Internet connection, both on- and off-set.

Drylab makes the DIT's efforts clearly visible to the whole team.

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How it works

The Lab techs only need to keep a single library organized and up to date, which also makes it very easy to manage for a single technician. No need for extra crew in the Lab, which appeals to a wider range of production budgets.

— Julian Lawrence, DIT

Pirates of the Caribbean, Aquaman

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