Drylab is a next generation On-Set Production tool and Dailies distribution platform.

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Drylab is the easiest and most intuitive platform for professionals,
made by filmmakers for filmmakers.

Developed with filmmakers

We have developed our whole platform specifically to support filmmakers.

Intuitive and tailored to you

To help you realise your vision on-set, our platform is incredibly easy to use, getting you the results you need as fast as possible, wherever you are.

Integrated and always updated

Extensive cross platform integration with recognised systems such as Pomfort Silverstack, Resolve, Media Composer, Colorfront and Premier Pro; we can interface smoothly with any workflow.

Our connected Drylab applications

Set Report 3


iPad, iPhone

Flexible, powerful and easy to use set reporting for Script Supervisors, Camera Assistants and VFX supervisors.



iPad, iPhone, Web

Find and watch dailies, edits and metadata. Stream and download. On-set (also w/o internet) and off-set. Search tags/text from Set Report 3.




The DIT and post tool to upload and manage clips and edits. Fully integrated with Pomfort Silverstack.

Some of our beloved clients

client testimonial author image
I have never had such easy and well-functioning access to rushes on previous productions. I would bring the iPad to set everyday and use it as a tool for continuity and light reference. The layout is so simple and logical, and made me use rushes every day, more actively than ever before
Manuel Alberto Claro
Cinematographer, Melancholia, The Pact, Hope
client testimonial author image
It takes me just seconds to find references I need for costume, make up or dialogue. So even though I prefer to line my scripts like I always have, I will never go back to paper reports
Aslaug Konradsdottir
Script Supervisor, The Hurt Locker
client testimonial author image
Extremely quick and easy to find exactly what I am looking for. I am convinced this tool makes a film better, and it has certainly saved me a lot of time
Gareth Ellis Unwin
Producer, The Kings Speech
client testimonial author image
The Lab techs only need to keep a single library up to date, which makes it very easy to manage for a single technician. This appeals to a wide range of production budgets!
Julian Lawrence
DIT, Pirates of the Caribbean/Aquaman
client testimonial author image
We saved two editing assistants during shooting, and 5 man months. We logged 7 shooting days in just one day, compared to 3 without Drylab
Marcus B. Brodersen
Post Producer, The Heavy Water War
client testimonial author image
Ten minutes after I had recorded a scene, it was available to me on my iPad in a clear and attractive presentation. I have never felt closer to my material before. I know I will always use it from now on
Ole Christian Madsen
Director, Flame & Citron
client testimonial author image
We produce 25 high profile titles per year. Efficency and quality, combined with creative control and perfect flow are vital requirements for us. And we are very content with the partnership we have developed with Drylab
Peter Bengtsson
Executive Post Producer, Filmlance Int.
client testimonial author image
If you want to participate at the highest international level and compete for an Oscar and in Cannes, then everything must work at all levels. Drylab gave us the best system we have ever used, including great integration with the post production pipeline.
Thomas Robsahm
Producer, Worst Person in the World (2022 Academy shortlisted for Original Screenplay and Best Intl Feature)
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