Selected productions using Drylab


Aallonmurtaja | Trailer | IMDB

Aber Bergen | Trailer | IMDB
Amundsen | Trailer | IMDB
Aqua Mamas | IMDB

Askeladden | Trailer | IMDB

Atlantic Crossing | IMDB
Au secours de Béatrice | IMDB


Barn | Trailer | IMDB
Battle | Trailer | IMDB
Borderliner (Grenseland) | Trailer | IMDB
Box 21 | IMDB

Børning | Trailer | IMDB

Børning 2 | Trailer | IMDB
Børning 3 | IMDB
Bröllop, Begravning och Dop | Trailer | IMDB


Carl Johan, Frank og jag
Catch-22 | Trailer | IMDB


Dark Was the Night (Behold My Heart) | Trailer | IMDB
Dates in Real Life
Den som ser | Trailer | IMDB
Dianas bryllup



En begravd mann
En natt | Trailer | IMDB



Flukten over grensen | Trailer | IMDB


Gilberts grusomme hevn | Trailer | IMDB



Hand Made
Harajuku | Trailer | IMDB
Heimebane | IMDB
Heimebane s2 | Trailer | IMDB
Holy Beasts (Beauty Kingdom) | IMDB
Håp | Trailer | IMDB



Jag kommer hem till jul
Julekongen | Trailer | IMDB
July 22 | Trailer | IMDB


Karsten og Petra lager teater | Trailer | IMDB
Karsten og Petra på Skattejakt | Trailer | IMDB
Karsten og Petra ut på tur | Trailer | IMDB
Knerten på dypt vann



Lovleg | Trailer | IMDB



MCD Bleck
Morden i Sandhamn 10– 13 | Trailer | IMDB
Mortal | IMDB
Murders in the Congo | Trailer | IMDB
Mørke skyer (Notat) | IMDB




Neste sommer | Trailer | IMDB
Neste sommer S7 | IMDB
Nobel | Trailer | IMDB
Norske byggeklosser | Trailer | IMDB
Når jeg faller | Trailer | IMDB



Occupied | Trailer | IMDB
Occupied S3 | IMDB

Operasjon Mumie | Trailer | IMDB
Oskars Amerika | Trailer | IMDB
Oslo // København
Oslo by Night | IMDB
Over grensen



Per Fugelli: Siste resept | Trailer | IMDB
Pyromaniac (Pyromanen) | Trailer | IMDB



Roeng | Trailer | IMDB

Roslund Hellström: Box 21| Trailer | IMDB


Santa Swap (Snekker Andersen og Julenissen) | Trailer | IMDB
Santo Domingo | IMDB
Seacole | IMDB
Skitten snø | Trailer
Snekker Andersen og den vesle bygda som glemte at det var jul | Trailer | IMDB
Sonja: The White Swan | Trailer | IMDB
Spring UJE
State of Happiness (Lykkeland) | Trailer | IMDB
Out Stealing Horses | Trailer | IMDB
Storyline Promo
Suicide Tourist | Trailer | IMDB
Sune 05



The 12th Man | Trailer | IMDB
The Bird Catcher | Trailer | IMDB
The Comet | Trailer | IMDB
The King's Choice | Trailer | IMDB
The Last King | Trailer | IMDB
The Quake | Trailer | IMDB
The Raft
The Rules for Everything | Trailer | IMDB
The Shamer's Daughter (Skammerens datter) | Trailer | IMDB
The Third Eye (Det Tredje Øyet) | Trailer | IMDB
The Wave | Trailer | IMDB
Thelma | Trailer | IMDB
Top Dog
Twin | IMDB



Utøya - July 22 | Trailer | IMDB



Valkyrien | Trailer | IMDB
Vår tid er nå | Trailer | IMDB
Villmark 2 | Trailer | IMDB



Welcome to Norway | Trailer | IMDB







ZombieLars | IMDB

12 Bragder | IMDB

What our users say

"Extremely quick and easy to find exactly what
I was looking for. Both teams were always aware of the other's progress as it happened. ​

I'm convinced this tool has made the film better.
It has certainly saved me a lot of time!"

Gareth Ellis Unwin
Academy Award Winner
The King's Speech

"Ten minutes after I had recorded a scene, it was available to me for viewing on my iPad in a clear and attractive order. I have never felt closer to my material before I know that I will always use it from now on."

Ole Christian Madsen


Flame & Citron

"I was introduced to Drylab on myfeature film “HÅP”(HOPE). It was running on a dedicated iPad. I have never had such easy and well-functioning access to rusheson any previous production. The layout is simple and logical.
I would bring the iPad to set everyday and use it as a tool for continuity and light reference.
It was sufficient and easy to use. I used the rushesevery day, more actively than everbefore..."


Mauel Alberto Clario


HÅP  (Hope)

"Drylab is the ultimate tool for me as a director. We do not have many useful tools, but finally we have one that is very effective. Drylab makes my job easier and gives me a better overview. I will ask to use Drylab on all future productions."

Cecile  Mosile


Grey's Anatomy, Heimebane

"To have every take in my pocket, easily available inside this little iPad is incredible. It’s a revolution."

Erik Poppe
Utøya: July 22

"It takes me just seconds to find the references I need for costume, make up or dialogue. I will never go back to paper."

Aslaug Konradsdottir

Script Supervisor

The Hurt Locker


"The Drylab workflow we used on "The Heavy Water War/The Saboteurs“ was a giant step in the right direction. It's now an obvious choice for all of our future projects.
Drylab ensures that all metadata end up in the right place at the right time, with considerably fewer errors. It eliminated several manual steps in the workflow, leading to both increased predictability and lower costs.

The metadata from the shoots are automatically synchronized with the clips. We saved two editing assistants during shooting and 4-5 man months. The logger was able to log and sync 6-7 shooting days (with two cameras) in just one day, compared to 2-3 days without Drylab."


Marcus B. Brodersen



"The Lab techs only need to keep a single library organized and up to date, which also makes it very easy to manage for a single technician.

No need for extra crew in the Lab, which appeals to a wider range of production budgets."

Julian Lawrence


Pirates of the Caribbean, Aquaman

"… works flawless!"

Lars Vestergaard


Eyewitness, Lykkeland, Drømmen

"We produce around 25 high profile titles per year. Efficiency and quality, combined with creative control and perfect flow, are vital requirements for us. That’s why we chose to use Drylab. They are a great partner and very responsive to our needs. We are very content with the partnership!"

Peter Bengtsson



"...helps us make better films. It revolutionizes collaboration between camera and screen, granting directors immediate access to all takes; on their iPads/iPhones/pcs (dailies/rushes).

Innovative, high-quality, tagged dailies,

with searchable metadata are delivered

to the director’s screen within minutes, with/without internet connection.

This enables all creatives to collaborate quick

and easy, reducing cost and increasing artistic control."

Storyline Studios

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