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Drylab Media Tech Forms Partnership with Bulgarian Distributor Media Link to Expand Sales Reach

Celia Li

15 Jun 2023

(London, UK;  June 15, 2023)  - Drylab Media Tech (“Drylab”), a leading film and TV production SaaS platform, is excited to announce a new sales distribution agreement with Media Link, a prominent Bulgarian distributor in the entertainment industry. This strategic partnership aims to expand Drylab’s sales reach and presence in Bulgaria.

Media Link, under the leadership of Iana Ivanova, the Executive Director, has established itself as a key player in the Bulgarian market, with extensive industry knowledge and a strong network. Their expertise and passion in Film and TV production and distribution align perfectly with Drylab’s vision of delivering cutting-edge solutions to the film and television industry.

Through this agreement, Media Link will actively promote and sell Drylab’s innovative products in Bulgaria, facilitating greater accessibility for local production companies and professionals to leverage Drylab’s advanced technology.

Drylab, known for its next-generation on-set production tool and dailies distribution platform, has been revolutionizing the industry with its state-of-the-art solutions. By partnering with Media Link, Drylab aims to provide Bulgarian filmmakers with the tools and resources to enhance their production processes and deliver outstanding content to audiences.

John Mahtani, CEO of Drylab Media Tech, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Media Link and embark on this exciting collaboration. Iana Ivanova and the Media Link team have a deep understanding of the Bulgarian market, and their passion for the industry aligns perfectly with our own. We believe that this partnership will greatly benefit filmmakers and production companies in Bulgaria, empowering them to take their projects to new heights.”

Iana Ivanova, Executive Director of Media Link, said: “Partnering with Drylab presents an incredible opportunity and a challenge  for our team to bring leading-edge solutions to the Bulgarian film and television industry. We are excited to offer local professionals access to Drylab’s cutting-edge technology and support their creative endeavors. Together, we aim to elevate the quality of productions and contribute to the growth of the Bulgarian entertainment landscape.”

The partnership between Drylab Media Tech and Media Link represents a significant milestone in expanding Drylab’s sales distribution network. With Media Link’s local expertise and industry connections, the collaboration is set to enhance the accessibility and impact of Drylab’s solutions in Bulgaria, driving innovation and growth in the local film and TV industry.


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John Mahtani, Chief Executive Officer

Celia Li, Chief Marketing Officer

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