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Drylab Media Tech Announces New Distribution Partnership
with Leading Icelandic Post House

22 Apr 2024

Drylab Media Tech Announces New Distribution Partnership

with Leading Icelandic Post House

Drylab Media Tech (“Drylab”), a leading film and TV production SaaS platform, is pleased to announce its new distribution partnership with Trickshot (, Iceland’s largest digital post production house.

Based in Reykjavík, Trickshot is renowned for its comprehensive infrastructure, capable of supporting any production format. The company excels in developing post-production pipelines tailored to various delivery requirements and timelines. As Iceland's foremost post production firm, Trickshot offers a range of services including conforming and online editing, color grading, audio post production, motion graphics, and visual effects. Additionally, Trickshot provides on-demand media management services, including DIT and backup support for productions.

This partnership with Trickshot marks a further step forward for Drylab, as it aligns with their

commitment to providing innovative tools and distribution platforms for the film and TV production industry. Bjarki Guðjónsson, the Managing Partner at Trickshot, brings over 25 years of experience in post production. He founded Trickshot in 2009 and has a rich background in VFX and online editing, predominantly working as a colorist since the company's inception.

John Mahtani, CEO of Drylab Media Tech, commented: "Partnering with Trickshot is one more step forward in our ongoing effort to extend our reach globally. This collaboration leverages Trickshot's specialised post production expertise alongside our advanced production tools, promising to deliver superior value to content creators across the globe."

Bjarki Guðjónsson, Managing Partner at Trickshot, commented: "Iceland’s film production business has been expanding rapidly in the past few years, and we’re always looking to add suitable tools to our arsenal. Drylab has been an excellent addition to our workflow and has given productions a significant upgrade on viewing and managing dailies. We definitely feel that once you use Drylab, it’s very hard to go back and can see it being used on more and more projects in the future."


Drylab Media Tech c/o +44 20 4582 3500

John Mahtani, Chief Executive Officer

Celia Li, Chief Marketing Officer

Gracechurch Group +44 20 4582 3500

Harry Chathli, Claire Norbury

About Drylab

Drylab is a next generation on-set production tool and dailies distribution platform, utilising cutting edge technology to enhance the production process from script to screen. The powerful metadata engine enables efficient, accurate and effective retrieval of captured media both on-set, at the office and in remote locations. Developed by filmmakers for filmmakers. Further information is available at

About Trickshot

Trickshot is Iceland’s largest post production company, providing conform and online, color grading, audio post as well as motion graphics and visual effects. Trickshot also manages media on productions, providing DIT and backup services on demand. Further information is available at

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