Drylab was founded by experienced filmmakers to develop systems and technology to assist our own filmmaking. Our focus has always been on how tech can improve our productions, and not tech for its own sake. We believe that great digital tools should be easy to use, and not require lenghty training or thick manuals.
We are a team with diverse perspectives, and understand how digital technology can change your work both for better and worse. We therefore strive to keep our software simple and focused.
Our Team
Audun Vaaler
CEO/CTO and Co-Founder. Design oriented digital media specialist. Paused his Ph.D. to join Drylab
Stein B. Kvae
CMO and Co-Founder. Experienced entrepeneur and producer. Shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Oscar
John Vold
CFO and Co-Founder. MBA with specialization in Marketing Management. Business Administration
Runar Eidsaa
Chairman of the Board. Investor, entrepreneur and strategy consultant, M.Sc. in Engineering and Finance
Rasmus Ramstad
Advisor. Extensive experience with startups, international growth, strategic management and executive leadership.
John Christian Rosenlund
Main Founder of Drylab. Internationally recognised and Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer
Andreas Herzog Grimsø
Norway’s first DIT, Co-Founder and CCO at Storyline Studios
Erling Maartmann-Moe
Board Member. Experienced venture fund partner, with strong background in computer science.
Arne Peder Blix
Board Member. Successful serial entrepreneur from techonology and finance.
Ken Skaarbrevik
Experienced Media Executive, and Drylab’s representative in the United Kingdom.
Adam Guderski
System Administrator
Bartosz Dziubałtowski
QA Specialist
Damian Byszewski
Ruby Developer
Jarosław Dominiak
Swift Developer
Justyna Rędzikowska
Project Manager
Kamil Gronert
Swift Developer
Maciej Gutenplan
Web Developer
Martyna Jasiak
Ruby Developer
Mateusz Majewski
QA Specialist